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NORTHLAND_LINING_LOGOONLYrefurbished.jpgtrythisone.jpg    Welcome to Northland Lining



Northland Lining offers Mainline inspections

Northland Lining is your choice for mainline inspections, recording and line locating sevices. Check out all of our Municipal services.


Northland Lining installs Lateral Connection Liners "TOP HATS"

A lateral connection liner "LCL" is a sealed connection between your lateral and mainlines. Click on the photo for more info.


Northland Lining will soon be repairing Manholes.

Northland Lining is currently prepairing to offer manhole rehabilitation to become a one stop shop for any sewer repair.


Northland Lining is your premier inside pipe repair specialist.

Northland Lining has repaired thousands of feet of interior piping systems from Churches, high rises, schools, restaraunts, to slaughterhouses and more...

Welcome to Northland Lining!

At Northland Lining we specialize in No-Dig sewer repair methods. Other lining companies say they're "trenchless" and then they dig up your basement or say they need a cleanout in your yard, Not at Northland Lining!  We use the patented NU-FLOW Pull in pace method, and  do virtually every job without digging up anything.  Making us your true no dig sewer repair choice.   Using a "CIPP”  (cured in place pipe), we repair your pipes from the inside, to a better than new condition.  Whether you are a residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal customer, we have the right solution for you! Northland Lining is a full service sewer line repair and maintenance company. Hotels, restaraunts, shopping malls etc...."IF YOU'RE PROBLEM IS IN A PIPE, WE CAN FIX IT!"



Northland Lining covers, Minnesota, from the Metro to the Iron Range, and most of western Wisconsin. However if you need our services we will travel.


Dave Thronson  (218)-966-1105

Duluth Area:(218)-393-9600

Southern Minnesota: (612)-867-5409

Donavon Thronson (218)-966-1905


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