Lateral Connection Liners

Lateral Connection Liners

A Lateral Connection Liner or "LCL" is a liner installed from the main line to seal the connection to the lateral. Northland Lining offers a wide range of "LCL" sizes, for most mains. Our "LCL'S" can run up to and over ten feet up the lateral if the conditions are right and provide a full wrap at the main. We build the liner to fit the drain and pull it from the upstream manhole and from the house clean-out into place, inflate the bladder and let it cure. Our bladder is a flow through bladder which allows for installation in most active lines, depending on the flow rates.

Northland lining has successfully completed miles of lateral pipes, in over a thousand homes and commercial properties. We install lateral lining for homeowners, cities, contractors, and business owners.

We have completed hundreds of commercial projects ranging from rain leaders, storm sewers, heating ducts, Swimming pools and sprinkler systems to normal sewer repairs.

We have completed commercial apartment buildings during full operation bypassing waste as it came in. With minimal disruption to tenants.

We have completed work in manufacturing plants, waste treatment facilities. All with little to no downtime or loss of production to the owners.

We have completed projects in schools and nursing homes and food packaging facilities, where cleanliness is of the utmost importance.

We have virtually installed liners in every type of business.

We are proud to say we have completed all of our projects with nearly no call backs at all.

At Northland Lining we pride ourselves in being problem solvers. We have successfully installed liners in many unconventional situations. We have fixed in-floor heating ducts in homes, fire suppression / sprinkler lines in commercial buildings, metal duct work, rain leaders in many buildings, community swimming pools, and the list goes on. From small to large diameter we have the experience to get the job done even when it seems impossible. We have liners that will withstand heat, chemicals and most anything else you need to run through them. With an MSDS we can get an epoxy that will handle most situations.

Some of our past and current clients are:

  • Century Foods International
  • Circle C Enterprises (Slaughterhouse, Buffalo Lake MN)
  • The cities of:
  • Waconia MN
  • Chisholm MN
  • Glencoe MN
  • Annandale MN
  • Duluth MN
  • Ashland Wi
  • Rush City MN
  • Pine City MN
  • Waubay SD
  • Gaylesville Wi, Municipal Pool
  • Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport
  • Duluth MN, #1 Fire Department
  • Woodbury MN, Fire Department
  • Woodbury MN Schools
  • Southdale Center
  • Kraus Anderson Construction
  • Jamal Construction
  • Sauke Center MN, American Legion
  • Cold Springs MN, American Legion
  • Menards Inc.