Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can lining stop roots from coming back into my pipe?

A. Yes a liner is a seamless pipe inside the old line, and is as strong as schedule 40 pvc so roots have nowhere to get back into the pipe.

Q. Can a liner span voids in pipe?

A. Yes, our liner is a stand alone pipe and can span multiple voids in a pipe providing the pipe is not collapsed.

Q. Will a liner lessen my pipes flow rate?

A. No, our liners actually have a better flow rate than new cast iron or clay or pvc. Since our liner has no joints and a super smooth surface.

Q. Can a liner be installed in a vertical pipe?

A. Yes a liner can be installed in virtually any application.

Q. Can you install a liner in a collapsed pipe?

A. In some cases we can clear out the debris and install a spot repair but in general no.