Northland Lining has worked with multiple small cities in Minnesota to help develop programs to eliminate "I & I". Inflow and Infiltration is a real problem that is actually affecting the whole world. Out of date cracked and unsealed pipes are allowing rainwater, roots and groundwater in and sewage out, virtually in every system, from clay to orange-burg. This extra water can overflow treatment facilities creating enormous problems with the environment, not to mention enormous penalties with the EPA, and huge repair costs to the taxpayers. This water can also undermine roads and sidewalks, and virtually anything above the line can be affected. Our epoxy liners, seal the pipe not allowing the infiltration or exfilration, saving your infrastructure and protecting your budget. We inspect the main lines, to determine where the I&I is coming from. We then determine inflow sources, such as; rain leaders, improperly installed sump pumps, direct foundation drain connections. We disconnect drain tile lines and install sump pumps. Direct sump pumps outside, seal off drain tiles, and line wherever infiltration is coming from in the lateral. Our system has successfully stopped thousand of gallons of I&I in many cities.