What is Lining?

Lining is the process if installing a lining to the interior of your existing pipe. A liner consist of a woven felt tube, a bladder "inner tube" and a two part epoxy mixture. There are many different forms of lining. At Northland Lining we install a "pull in place liner", we literally pull our liners into place using a cable. We then inflate the bladder and allow our 100% epoxy to cure. After the epoxy has cured we pull out the bladder leaving a new smooth liner inside the host pipe. Never allowing roots grow again. The pull in place method allows us to repair the whole line or segments of the line that may be bad " spot repair".

Residential pipe repair

With residential pipe lining, Northland Lining can repair you sewer lateral without excavating or demolition and causing further damage to your property. With our trench-less technology we can repair damaged, root infested, clogged, and leaking pipes, from the inside, to a better than new condition, leaving your basement, landscaping, trees, driveway and sidewalks undisturbed, and the great thing is, it is often less expensive than traditional repairs. Pipe lining can be performed in virtually any property. We have the ability to line over existing lines and reinstate them, no need to tear up your floors to do internal repairs. Stop wasting money and risking more backups roto rooting and jetting your pipes. Lining stops root intrusion and has a 50 year life expectancy. If you have a problem with roots and backups, give us a call we have lined miles of lateral lines and have many happy customers with no worries.


  • Repairs pipes to a better than new condition with a 50 year life expectancy.
  • No destruction of roads, sidewalks, landscaping, or loss of trees
  • No destruction of interior walls, floors, or ceilings
  • Cure in place pipe (CIPP) stops I/I (inflow and infiltration). "It stops ground water from coming in and sewage from seeping out"
  • Lining is often less expensive than traditional repair methods
  • Eliminates roots, Guaranteed.
  • Lining can span voids in cracked or broken pipes
  • Most repairs take one night.
  • Lining pipes is a green repair method. No disruption of plants and trees, and no needless digging up old clay, asbestos, cast iron, orange-burg, pipes and putting it into landfills.